Friday, March 18, 2011

My new hobby...

 My New favorite hobby is
book binding.

 This is something I now think about pretty 
much all the time. 
I think about who I can make one for, 

 what colors I should do next or... 
different ways I can use these books.  
I love them.
This is the biggest stress reliever I have ever found. 


  1. LOVE IT!!! These are so pretty and I am SO excited to have one from you for Baby Susan!!

  2. These are wonderful@ Thanks for sharing. So glad you have a hobby you don't have to feed. hahahah BTW. You want to milk when you come down? Cook? How 'bout showing me how to make a book. Today I met a guy at Church that was just baptized from Bakersfield, that used to live her. We just figured out that we know each other. He bought a Nubian from Larin and won FFA Grand Champion Meat Goat (pre-Boer) He was in the other group. so I guess I didn't notice. He knows Karen Reeder, too. I was so excited I almost hugged him. His kids are ready to join 4-H. Neat huh? Iloveyou

  3. I got my book today!!! I love it and I am so excited about writing the wonderful words from our Prophet and Brethren!!!

    It is so pretty and put together well. It doesn't feel like it is about to fall apart like it would if I tried making one. hahaha I love the cover and the pages and the edges of the pages. I just plain L.O.V.E. it and you!!
    Thank you!!!