Sunday, February 24, 2013

Still waiting...

So I haven't posted anything lately because I don't really have any new news about anything.  I felt that the only thing I was blogging about was how terrible I was feeling.  So I decided to take a break and just wait, and blog when something exciting happened.  It seemed that blogging each day was just making everyday slower. So I'm  Still waiting  for something significant like feeling the baby move or not feeling sick anymore. :)

This Wed. will mark week 12.  There are many good things that happen once I get through week 12.  Morning sickness should subside, the start of the 2nd trimester, and the big one is the miscarriage percentage drops significantly after this point.  These things will be such a relief to me.  I am ready to feel more normal, be happy, and less worried.

Accomplishments/happy things this last week...
*husband cleaned the whole house top to bottom
*had a sweet visitor that really lifted me up and helped me! Thank you Analee!
*made it to sacrament meeting  :) huge success
*some days were better than others this week
*shopping at Down East

Hardships this week...
*cookie dough (really bad idea)
*cranberry juice

Monday, February 4, 2013

The little bean!

Well we saw our little baby today! It's 1.77 cm long. We even heard the heartbeat! It was magical! Made me cry!

This made me happy...

This morning I woke up to my cute hisband's face. :) After asking me how I slept, he said with excitement, "I had a dream about our baby!" It made me so happy inside to know that he is having baby dreams too!! In his dream it was a girl! Yay a Dune baby.

Today is a big day! We have our first doctors appointment! We're in Matt's home town, which is also where my dad's family started too! We are hoping for an ultrasound today! I really really want one. Just to make this all real!!!

News to come later after the appointment that is in 45 minutes!!! Ahhhhhhh! I feel like I'm going to Disneyland! But it's better!