Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Best thing ever

My most favorite part about being a mommy and waking up in the middle of the night is this.....

She is just so tiny and sweet. In love how she rests her head on her little hands and falls right to sleep! 
This is night two of being home from the hospital. Last night was rough. I basically was up the entire night trying to figure out how to get little miss to sleep. It wasn't until 4 am when I supplemented my milk with a bottle of formula! Such a great idea. She finally had the full tummy she needed and slept beautifully until 9 am! 

I still need to post about before going to the hospital, during the hospital and what has happened since then. Like her jaundice not going away! : ( 

Life is amazing and Matthew is by far the most wonderful man ever! In all aspects of life he is amazing, but he is an exceptional father and husband. Went to the store and bought me a bunch of things to help my sore chest. Things I didn't even know existed. He is magical! Thanks honey!