Friday, March 29, 2013


Monday night the 25 of March while staying at Grandma and Grandpa Aitken's, being 14.5 weeks prego I felt some major movement. It was awesome. I laid down next to Matt and cuddle up and go to sleep, when I felt the crazy feeling of the baby flipping around and going bananas. Just as if it were a fish in there. It was so awesome. I was able to lay there for a longtime and just soak it in. It was so cool! I can't wait unit Matt is able to feel the little angel move around.

Cloth diapers

Today when we got home from our little spring vacation I decided I needed to complete one cloth diaper. I told myself, "your not going to bed until its done!" I guess I'm kinda OCD about projects that I start. I'm always scared I won't finish.

These diapers were suggested by a good friend. She has been using them for nearly two years. An she loves them. So I thought what the heck why not. On we went buying the needed materials, which included a special outer fabric called PUL. It is basically a plastic outside that keeps the wet from seeping through and the inner liner is flannel. Then there is an insert to catch the liquids. :) the diaper turned out very pretty! Matt says their "really fancy". He's right about that!
Now I need a tester baby!!! Katie how bout your babe's butt?? Yes yes!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

happy things

This day has been full of HAPPY THINGS! I'm still not sick! That is a plus! Also our boss told us that we could go on a vacation for Spring break! So excited! Don't know where or what we are going to do, but something will happen! PERIOD! 

I also have been looking at a lot of different toilet attachments for cleaning the cloth diapers into the toilet.  Kinda like a bidet.  So it will make our lives a lot easier cleaning the baby poopies out of the toilet.  :) Yay! Now I am on the search to find good baby carriers.  Our job will require us to pack Baby-A around everywhere.  So this would be essential! So the search continues! 

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Opinionated baby

Morning sickness is gone!!!!! Yay! As of last wed which day one of week 12, the morning sickness just disappeared. Kinda like magic! It's been awesome. However our dear sweet one is still very opinionated. It does not like...
-cheese burgers
-or chocolate.

Other good news we find our the gender in three weeks! Sooo stoked!