Monday, February 28, 2011

Ingenuity of Twine...

Tonight we decided to really start pinchin' our pennies.
We have really horrid washers and driers here in our building. And what is no fun about them is they don't dry our clothes very well at all. So when we put in $.50 and they come out damp I'm not too happy. No Bueno!

So during family home evening I decided to make use of our TWINE and make-shift a clothes line in the living room. Wahoo! Our heater works really well, like really well so I know that we won't have a problem getting the clothes dry over night.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Some Firsts for this week...

Over the past week Matt and I have experienced some very cool things.
For weeks we had been getting excited for taking Larin to Salt Lake City, because we were planning on doing a session at the SL Temple. I was especially excited to go because we had just watched the church video of the stone cutter in institute. The temple had a new meaning to me because I was able to visually see what hardships people wen through in order to full fill their callings to the prophet.
During the session as we went room to room we were blown away at the wood work, and the extravagant detail that was put in to this creation. I thought the Manti Temp
le was spectacular--it still is--but I just fell in love with the SL Temple.
It is amazing.
I can't wait to go back and see the inside of it again.

The next new thing we got to do was go snowmobiling.
Our bishop is absolutely the most giving man. He inviting the ward to go up a near by canyon to go play on some toys. He brought 4 mobiles and as the couples were given rides to the "hangout spot" the bishops daughter told me how scary her dad was to ride with and,
"He goes REALLY fast." I thought, "OH great I'm next to get a ride, and its from the bishop." It wasn't that bad. :) Thank goodness. When we got to where we were going to spend our time,
Matt and I were pushed right on, and we just went for it. I was screaming the almost the whole way up the mountain. BUT It was a absolute THRILL.
When we got to the bottom I hopped off and Matt took off again to play, then he went toobing down the hill and had a BLAST. It was a good time accompanied by only three other couples not including the bishop and his family, and the second counselor's family, so everybody got a lot of turns.
As the day got later Matt and I started to walk to our car, and the bishop comes flying over and asked if I wanted a ride to the car. So I said yes and well he tricked me. lol He turned right around and said, "Are you sure you want to go home to do homework?? How 'bout just one more ride up the hill and I promise you will live to do your homework!" Well it is hard to tell bishop no so I said, "Okay...I'm kinda scared.." And we were off. His daughter was not lying, bishop is crazy. He was going really fast. I scram in his ear a little bit. Oops.
It was a good day.
We sure are blessed to have such a great bishop that is so giving.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Community Leaders

Today we had our final interview for the Community Leaders of the dorms for nest school year. I thought it went well, I hope it did at least.
This new opportunity/job will be so awesome for us to grow as leaders and we are going to have the opportunity to make an impact on new students of this amazing school.
We will know if we got this new job in about two weeks.
AND I CAN'T WAIT! ahhh! We shall see!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

We're set for Summer

Today was an adventure. Matt and I had our first team meeting in Provo today. We showed up at the new office, and we were welcomed to the team and offered awesome jackets among other things like gift cards and lunch. :) Matt and I were both surprised at the sweet gifts and happy people. We got our pictures taken for Facebook, then we started our training for our new job. At the end of the training we were pumped about this great opportunity that we have to grow and become better leaders, and the knowledge we were given about the company and the pesticide product. I won't have a problem selling something I have such confidence in. It is going to be awesome.
With that Matt and I will officially be moving to the good ol' ranch and we will be working in the Closest office for Clark Pest Control.
"It's going to be OUR best summer!!"