Monday, April 18, 2011

Looking Back on the year

As much as Matt and I have been anticipating the end
of this school year, it has still snuck up on us.  Just about three weeks ago we laid in bed thinking,
 “Holy cow!! We only have a few more weeks until we’re done!”
Now we are to the end with only
two more activities for me to do on campus,
five more days of classes,
and well about two weeks until we are down in California.  
It was insane to think today in our last formal Student Body meeting,
 that we are to the very end of
Something that we have been working so hard on ALL year!

It blows me away at all that has happened since I have moved here to Utah.
Just about a year and a half ago I moved here to beautiful Utah, when my parents dropped me off to start a new life at a great school.
 Just 1 month after that, I found my eternal companion down stairs from where I was living in the Marry Nielson dorms. 
Just 1 month and 23 days after dating he asked me to marry him. 
And without ANY hesitation we got married in July. 3 months after being engaged. 
I knew then, like I know now that he is the most perfect man that I have ever met,
and I love him more than anything.

My position as a SBO has been a very big learning experience
that has pushed me to my limits as an individual. 
I have better skillsnot num-chuck skills motherbut skills like
·         Time management
·         Organization
·         Delegation
·         Trying to be more professional
·         Working with others
·         Creating lasting friendships
·         Relying on help from others
·         Trusting that other people will do their job
·         Budgeting money
·         Plan sweet activities
·         And so much more

I am so so so thankful that I took this opportunity to serve the students of Snow College,
 and to be a part of the best team that has ever lead the students of this amazing college.
This next year has many new and exciting opportunities for us.  Like our sweet summer job and working as Community Leaders in a new dorm for next school year.  
I can honestly say I am excited for the new chapter in our life!

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  1. I knew what skills, Kiely. Silly. You crack me-up. Believe me, you always had those talents & you were blessed with them all. The experiences you are freely choosing for yourself....each one may be a challenge...the skills or talents have "increased" You are now feeling the growth. How could a mother be filled with more joy? I'm so proud of you. (the proper kind of proud)