Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Nearly a month after being in Cali

We debated for a few days on if we were going to be working on Memorial Day.  And well it turned out we just took the whole day off.  It was very much needed.

Monday morning we went with Grandma Dune to the Memorial service at the cemetery.  It was great to see some important people in my life.  Like Mr. Bacca--the crossing guard at Mupu School.  He was still just as happy as I remembered him, and he remembered me.  :)  I visited with my old piano teacher Donna Nelson.  It was great to see her and be around her great spirit.  One other person that I had not seen in a long time is my Dad's "brother" Ralph.  My Dad and Grandma were both super happy to see him and visit together.  After the service Matt, Grandma, and I went to visit Grandpa.  She had picked a beautiful bunch of flowers for Grandpa.  We cleaned up his grave, and saw Tressas' pennies still on the head stone.  Grandma couldn't believe they were still there.  Then it was lunch time at Carrows with Grandma.

After coming home we took the time to clean our bedroom, and then headed to Dustin's with Tatum and Eirely.  We had a fun day planned at the beach. We made it to the beach after being here for just about a month.  We went kayaking in the harbor.  It was Matt's first time out in the ocean.  It was super fun for me, I hope he had a good time too.

 Their  just getting ready to launch for some fun.

"Matt are you going to wear that life jacket on the sand too??" hehe

Tatum is in the back and Matt in the front.  They needed to chant "right left right left..."  They did a great job as a team.  It sure was a perfect day to be at the beach.

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  1. You are still blogging while you are working so hard? This post is wonderful I'm so glad that you're documenting all you events and it will be do wonderful to revisit this time you both had in California, even though It's been exhausting.