Monday, February 28, 2011

Ingenuity of Twine...

Tonight we decided to really start pinchin' our pennies.
We have really horrid washers and driers here in our building. And what is no fun about them is they don't dry our clothes very well at all. So when we put in $.50 and they come out damp I'm not too happy. No Bueno!

So during family home evening I decided to make use of our TWINE and make-shift a clothes line in the living room. Wahoo! Our heater works really well, like really well so I know that we won't have a problem getting the clothes dry over night.


  1. Great Idea!!!! That is so great thinkin'!

  2. Like a true pioneer! or cowgirl... using her rope Yep, you never know what good twine will do for ya. Since you don't have goats eating it, you can use it over and over. lol

  3. Hate the washing machines, LOVE the clothes line! You're building is hot...way to make something good of it. :)