Saturday, February 19, 2011

We're set for Summer

Today was an adventure. Matt and I had our first team meeting in Provo today. We showed up at the new office, and we were welcomed to the team and offered awesome jackets among other things like gift cards and lunch. :) Matt and I were both surprised at the sweet gifts and happy people. We got our pictures taken for Facebook, then we started our training for our new job. At the end of the training we were pumped about this great opportunity that we have to grow and become better leaders, and the knowledge we were given about the company and the pesticide product. I won't have a problem selling something I have such confidence in. It is going to be awesome.
With that Matt and I will officially be moving to the good ol' ranch and we will be working in the Closest office for Clark Pest Control.
"It's going to be OUR best summer!!"


  1. Are you doing sales? Both of you?! How COOL!! Now tell me what you mean the the "good ol' ranch"? Are you going to Mom and Dad's for the summer?