Friday, March 4, 2011

Bagged the Boots

Yesterday was a liberating day when I finally decided to part with my Fat Babys.  These poor boots had surgery by knife like 5 months ago because the leather just behind my heel was all jacked up.  So after that I could get my foot in and out without any problem. Wahoo problem solved.
Not really.
  Then the cut out leather was not very soft on my feet, but I would wear them anyway because they are cute boots.  Pain is beauty right? NOT I was over it by the end of my school day yesterday.  I came home and without hesitation gave the boots a kick to the trash.  I told Matt, "If I don't do it now I never will."  
I love the feeling a get when I part with unneeded things by throwing them in the trash.


  1. Way to GO!
    I had to do that with my Birkenstocks! I loved those, but they stank and no one wanted to be around me hahahaha jk.
    Love ya, Mean it!!!

  2. So this visitor from LA is not from LA! It's your mother and wow! I'm on your page. I was so excited to get it loaded, then... I love, love love your sweet posts. Kiely your blog is stinkin' cute! How fun for me to read this and see what your doing. I think your going to miss your home. Sometimes your dad and I drive by our old place on Ann Street in Ventura. Miss you lots and glad I got to talk to you today. Yay

  3. Just wanted to remind you what happened last year at this time, when you had a friend invited from Snow College to drive you back (in the snow) from California.