Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Today I contacted an organization near by that will completely cover the financial needs of this pregnancy!!! The program is called Baby Your Baby! And then I will have Medicaid after that! It is such a blessing that our state provides these things for poor people like Matt and I! I met with a RN today and had the official test and everything is good to go!

Today I woke up feeling pretty good.  Which is unusual for me in the mornings.  I immediately went into freak out mode.  "what if I'm loosing the baby, what if something is wrong??" You know the typical emotional feelings! But I so comforted by my dad and sister.  All is well I just was informed that eating protein helps with morning sickness! So yes all is well especially because I got sickly around 12:30!

Another great thing of the day was a new book that I bought on amazon.com, "The Pregnancy Journal"  "A Day-to-Day Guide to a Healthy and Happy Pregnancy."  Written by "A Christine Harris. Ph.D.  This is a day to day guide of new changes about the baby and me.  Super great! Matt likes it too... Just don't tell him I said that! :) Any way all is well here

Life is good!! And we are blessed!

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