Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Shocked with myself

I am totally shocked that I have been blogging consistently with in the last few days.  I am currently sitting at my broadcasted Business Statistics class.  This is too long of a class Monday and Wednesday nights for this ADD child.  It hits an hour and a half into it and my brain is turned off! I'll have to work on this! haha good luck to me.

Today has been a pretty sickly feeling day.  Nothing weird that I have craved other than Reese's cups.  But that is pretty normal for me.  Tomorrow I'm going to try to go on a walk or something to see if that helps with the morning sickness that has lasted all day.  We shall see!

On Feb 4th we will be having our first doctors appointment.  Super excited to be able to possibly see my baby the size of a blueberry, or even just hearing the heartbeat.  Maybe that will help it all sink in that we are actually having a baby!

Any way my thoughts are scattered because of math! So its time for me to stop and take a break and get my munch on! This girl is starving!

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