Thursday, March 7, 2013

Opinionated baby

Morning sickness is gone!!!!! Yay! As of last wed which day one of week 12, the morning sickness just disappeared. Kinda like magic! It's been awesome. However our dear sweet one is still very opinionated. It does not like...
-cheese burgers
-or chocolate.

Other good news we find our the gender in three weeks! Sooo stoked!


  1. I love that it just stops. hahahaha bummer about the chocolate.....maybe that is a good thing! hahaha I love you...mommy in the making!

  2. hahahahaha Funeral pototoes? So did you have a long time resting on you knees with your head in your normal morning-sickness place? Carry a small trash can because you never know and in your snowy place, it's hard to pull over to the side-of-the-road. I love you and your baby prayers being answered at this time. It'll all be perfect! I'm so excited for you and for me!