Friday, March 29, 2013

Cloth diapers

Today when we got home from our little spring vacation I decided I needed to complete one cloth diaper. I told myself, "your not going to bed until its done!" I guess I'm kinda OCD about projects that I start. I'm always scared I won't finish.

These diapers were suggested by a good friend. She has been using them for nearly two years. An she loves them. So I thought what the heck why not. On we went buying the needed materials, which included a special outer fabric called PUL. It is basically a plastic outside that keeps the wet from seeping through and the inner liner is flannel. Then there is an insert to catch the liquids. :) the diaper turned out very pretty! Matt says their "really fancy". He's right about that!
Now I need a tester baby!!! Katie how bout your babe's butt?? Yes yes!


  1. Kiely....! I wish I was as gifted as your are at sewing and crocheting! It is very fancy and the color of green is just perfect for your little Gaelic baby.

  2. Oh mom! Thank you! But they really aren't that difficult to make! You'd be surprised. I think the buttons make it look 100 x better. :)